Whether you want to a business meeting or have to get a plane – the Shuttle Service Marburg will take you there. Reliable, comfortable – and above all on time. And it will bring you just as reliably at the same place again. Or somewhere else. Whatever you want. With the Shuttle Service Marburg you are always traveling „Premium Class“ and connect this to „From-Door-To-Door“-Comfort of your car with the convenience of „Drove Becoming“ of the train – with plenty of time to work or just to relax.
Admittedly – Of course we can not „conjure away“ the traffic jams – but we can ensure that you do not fall into it. This is ensured by some technique…and above all, our experience. Our drivers are all experts with years of experience – forward-looking, quiet, safe, sovereign Executive Drivers, who have learned to go any risk out of the way.
By the way…our vehicles are never more than three years, top serviced and clean. Therefore you can be seen with the Shuttle Service Marburg everywhere.